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Dental Procedures


  • Dental Examination (Check-up)
    • Full examination of your mouth, teeth and gums.
    • Discuss general health, problems with mouth, teeth and gums since your last visit.
    • Advice relating to diet, smoking and drinking
    • Oral hygiene advice
    • Explain required treatment costs and risks.
    • Discuss next date of visit

  • Dental Fillings
    • Used to restore teeth damaged by decay or trauma, back to their normal function and shape
    • Used to close off spaces where bacteria can enter, helping prevent further decay
    • Fillings can be completed using various materials and finishes and your Dentist will assess which works best taking account all factors

  • Endodontic Treatment (Root Canal Treatment)
    • Dental procedure used to treat infection at the centre of a tooth
    • The bacteria in the tooth is removed by the Dentist and the canal is sealed back up with a filling and/or crown

  • Crowns
    • A crown is a fixed prosthetic cap to cover an entire tooth
    • Used to strengthen, improve appearance, shape or alignment

  • Bridge
    • May be recommended if one or more teeth are missing.
    • They are anchored to the surrounding teeth and are a fixed prosthetic device.

  • Teeth Whitening
    • We offer a take home teeth whitening solution with on-going support from your Dentist.

  • Scale and Polish
    • A simple clean of the teeth using professional tools as and when required.

  • Periodontal treatment
    • An in-depth removal of plaque and tartar that has built up on your teeth.
    • Some patients may require treatment of the roots to ensure pockets of bacteria are reduced.

  • Dentures
    • Partial of full dentures can be made to fill gaps in your mouth to eliminate and potential problems caused by these gaps.
    • Problems may include not being able to eat or speak well and the general appearance of your smile.

  • Implants
    • An artificial replacement for a tooth root
    • Once fitted, these components provide a foundation for long-term support of crowns, bridges or dentures.
    • Can be used to replace one or several missing teeth.

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